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Funny Movies for Joey

I asked my friends on Facebook to name their funniest movies so that I could make a list and send it to a friend who is recovering from spinal surgery. I know I could find a list of comedies nicely compiled somewhere out there in internet land, but I wanted personal recommendations. And people came through with 56 hilarious movies.
There is no way to predict what makes people laugh. A very serious psychotherapist offered the Marx Brothers as her favorite choice. Some people fancied films from 70 years ago (Cary Grant), while others picked movies that were as irritating as poison ivy to me (What About Bob), and I’m pretty sure my choices are incomprehensible to others. What makes us laugh and what doesn’t?
Sometimes it is the absurd, slapstick, or the discomfort of the eternally self-effacing Woody Allen (he got lots and lots of votes). Sometimes it is pure silliness, pulling us out of adult malaise and into childhood poopie jokes.
My favorite was Junior, a comedy with the unlikely cast of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the brilliant Emma Thompson. I watched it for the first time when I had just moved 3000 miles to start a new job and my marriage was tilting badly. I was depressed and scared and afraid to admit to either. I went to the video store in desperation. To this day, I laugh when I think of Arnold (playing a scientist) who becomes pregnant (just get the movie) and he says in absolute wonder, “My skin, it is so soft.” And the regal Emma Thompson takes magnificent pratfalls over the back of a couch. I could watch this again and again and laugh every time. Other people think it’s ridiculous and watch Airplane, laughing until they wet their pants.
Whatever your fancy, try this list when you need a laugh.


A Fish called Wanda
Arsenic and Old Lace (anything with Cary Grant)
Biloxi Blues (Matthew Broderick)
Big Trouble (Tim Allen)
Blazing Saddles!
Bringing up Baby
Bull Durham
Death at a Funeral, UK version
Dinner for Schmucks
Exporting Raymond (a documentary, but hilarious)
Fawlty Towers (British sitcom)
First Wives Club (Diane Keaton)
40-Year-Old Virgin
French Kiss (Kevin Kline)
Gregory's Girl
Groundhog Day
Hamlet 2
History of the World: Part I - all Mel Brooks movies
Horrible Bosses
In and Out (Kevin Kline)
Joe vs. the Volcano
Jumpin' Jack Flash (Whoopi Goldberg),
Junior (Emma Thompson and Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Local Hero
Mamma Mia
Marx brothers--Night at the Opera
Modern Times
Mrs. Doubtfire
My Cousin Vinny
My Life as a Dog
Nine to Five (Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin)
Noises Off (Michael Caine)
Punchline (Tom Hanks and Sally Field)
Singing in the Rain!
Soap Dish (Sally Field)
Something's Gotta Give (Jack Nicholson)
State and Main (Wm H Macy)
The Big Lebowski
The Hangover
The Guard
The In-laws (PeterFalk)
The Monty Python shows
Throw Momma from the Train
Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman)
Used Cars
Young Frankenstein
Waking Ned Devine
What About Bob?
What's Up, Doc?
Woody Allen: Annie Hall, Bananas, Death, Sleeper
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