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Reviews and Interviews

A French Review of Tiger in the House (or Un Tigre Dans La Maison)!

Take a look at this great review of Tiger in the House. You can read it in French or English. 


"Jacqueline Sheehan signe ici un thriller bouleversant."


Apparently, I write a shocking thriller! 





Reviews of Lost and Found

"Author Jacqueline Sheehan is a storyteller extraordinaire. As a result, her book, Lost & Found, is a wonderful roller-coaster ride from the get-go." – TNB, books, movies & music


"This is the kind of summer read that will keep you up until 1 a.m.: the plot sails along at a breathtaking clip without sacrificing the psychological acuity Sheehan is known for." Dori Ostermiller, Director of Writers in Progress


Reviews of Picture This

Boston Globe, July 22, 2012 – Pick of the Week: Picture This

Ellen Meeropol of Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley recommends “Picture This” by Jacqueline Sheehan (Morrow): “In a sequel to ‘Lost & Found,’ also set on Maine’s Peaks Island, Rocky Pelligrino is contacted by Natalie, who is just out of foster care and claims she’s the unacknowledged daughter of Rocky’s late husband. This page-turner is a profound exploration of damage done in childhood, the nature of evil, and the difficulty of knowing what is true.”

Word On the Street Section

Reviews of Now and Then

Anna O'Shea has failed at marriage, shed her job at a law firm, and she's trying to re-create herself when she and her recalcitrant nephew are summoned to the past in a manner that nearly destroys them. Her twenty-first-century skills pale as she struggles to find her nephew in nineteenth-century Ireland. For one of them, the past is brutally difficult, filled with hunger and struggle. For the other, the past is filled with privilege, status, and a reprieve from the crushing pain of present-day life. For both Anna and her nephew, the past offers them a chance at love.

Will every choice they make reverberate down through time? And do Irish Wolfhounds carry the soul of the ancient celts?

The past and present wrap around finely wrought characters who reveal the road home. Mystical, charming, and fantastic, New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline Sheehan's Now & Then is a poignant and beautiful tale of a remarkable journey. It is a miraculous evocation of a breathtaking place in a volatile age filled with rich, unforgettable, deeply human characters and one unforgettable dog named Madigan.