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Fall 2019 Newsletter and Contest Winner!


Welcome to fall!


I'm not trying to skip over the last days of summer, but I feel fall on the horizon with shorter days and the first tingle of cool nights.

I am pleased to share the memories of reader Dale Deming, age 90, who won the contest in the summer newsletter.

I'll tell you about the writing retreat in Prague, and then get right to events this fall.


Contest Winner Dale Deming

In my June newsletter, I announced a contest for my readers. I needed help creating an authentic background and tone for 1938 and 1991 for my next book. Thank you to all of you who submitted your wonderful sensory memories of those totally different eras. Dale Deming was the winner. He will receive an autographed copy of one of my books and a box of chocolates. I am sharing Dale's memories of 1938.


Click here to read the newsletter and Dale's essay!

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