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Dogs and Blogs

Ever since I wrote Lost & Found, I’ve heard from hundreds of readers who have told me stories about close relationships with dogs. The stories are remarkable and they almost invariably tribute a dog who healed a reader from a broken spirit. How do dogs do this? By their loyalty, their unrelenting affection, and  Read More 
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A Chihuahua’s point of view, a guest blog by writer Marianne Banks

Click on Marianne's photo to go to her publisher's website and look at her new book, Growing Up Delicious.

A river of humanity flows by my backyard. Walkers, roller-bladers, runners and cyclists use the bike path from first light to dusk. From my spot weeding a flowerbed I heard a woman say to her companion, ‘I just don’t know what it all means’, as they strode past.
“Did you hear that, Nuala?”  Read More 
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Dear Winter,

You and I started out with such passion, such hope. Your first flakes thrilled me with their romance. You seduced me with visions of evenings by the fireplace. I said good bye to autumn, let it go without a backward glance. But now it seems that our relationship has run its course. You were  Read More 
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