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Spring 2018 Newsletter and Contest Winner!

Gabriele Kirschner sits at a desk looking thoughtful.
Gabriele Kirschner - On Gratitude and a Box of Chocolates

Welcome to my spring newsletter


Here's what we have for you in this issue:

  • The winner of the On Gratitude writing contest.
  • Upcoming writing workshops and events.
  • Jane Yolen's 365th book party.
  • Book Clubs.
  • Hosting Bloom Reads.
  • A way you can help.

In the winter newsletter, I told you about the results of not complaining for one entire day, and yes that included even mentally complaining. I offered a contest with the challenge of trying this for one day and writing about it. Submissions came from Australia, Guatemala, and the United States. They were sincere, funny, and delightful. But the one that the judges chose was an essay about how hard it can be to find gratitude and stop complaining. And even suggested that M&M's might be an honorable award.


Click to read the spring newsletter and Gabriel's essay on gratitude!

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