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Summer 2019 Newsletter and a Contest!

Welcome to summer!


Here in New England it is remarkably lush and beautiful.

Here is an update on my new book, a contest, and a promise for fall workshops.

I kicked off the summer raising the sail on a boat on Naragansett Bay.


New Book

Working Title: The Victory Garden

I finished the 12th or so draft of my new book which has had my full attention for two years. This story has two timelines, 1938 and 1991. Researching historical settings is always tricky. Readers will tell me instantly if I get it wrong.

Can you help with the background?

Here's a little contest:

In an email, tell me what your family was up to in 1938 or 1991. Songs, jobs, favorite food, etc. I will randomly pick a submission and send one person a signed copy of one of my books.

Click here to read the summer newsletter!

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