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Blog and Newsletters

Summer Newsletter 2019

Welcome to my summer newsletter.


Here's what we have for you in this issue:

I know how it is in summer; sometimes pictures are easier than words. So rest assured, there will be pictures of cats, vintage motorcycles, wine, and good friends.


Keeping Cool in Summer


First off, my cat Cooper offers his best advice for hot summer days. He is campaigning hard for a hammock, but until that can be arranged he suggests a languid, belly up posture on the couch. He is wise beyond his years.


My Next Book

There comes a time when on-line research will only take you so far. My next book includes a character who drives a 1934 Indian Scout motorcycle and I needed to see what it felt like to sit on one and learn from people who collect them. I was in luck because a vintage Indian Motorcycle rally was held in Springfield, Mass where these beautiful motorcycles were built.


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