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RIP Laptop

RIP on Cape Cod
After a long life, my Mac Book has gone on to its eternal rest. I purchased it in 2005, used, and I couldn’t ask for a sturdier work horse. I was not initially an Apple fan, and in fact, I still live a 50/50 life, pounding away at my Dell PC when I’m at home. But this laptop traveled with me to places near and far, performing bravely in Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. It went through more airport security, more taxis, trains, buses, ferries, than most people I know. It had a full life.
And where did it choose to go kaput? While traveling of course. On Cape Cod, where I was working on the middle and the end of my next book. Mac ultimately could not bear one more word, one more journey through Facebook, one more email. It ground to a halt, making a ghastly sound that I had never heard before, which apparently in computer speak means, “Good-bye. Good luck with the novel. Sorry I can’t stay to find out how you’ll resolve all the catastrophic things that have happened to your characters.”
My book is safely stored on a handy flash drive as well as several other undisclosed locations. But old Mac? He is now just a memory, migrated successfully to the new kid, Mac Air. Let’s hope the newcomer likes to travel.
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