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Spring 2018 Newsletter and Contest Winner!

Gabriele Kirschner sits at a desk looking thoughtful.
Gabriele Kirschner - On Gratitude and a Box of Chocolates

Welcome to my spring newsletter


Here's what we have for you in this issue:

  • The winner of the On Gratitude writing contest.
  • Upcoming writing workshops and events.
  • Jane Yolen's 365th book party.
  • Book Clubs.
  • Hosting Bloom Reads.
  • A way you can help.

In the winter newsletter, I told you about the results of not complaining for one entire day, and yes that included even mentally complaining. I offered a contest with the challenge of trying this for one day and writing about it. Submissions came from Australia, Guatemala, and the United States. They were sincere, funny, and delightful. But the one that the judges chose was an essay about how hard it can be to find gratitude and stop complaining. And even suggested that M&M's might be an honorable award.


Click to read the spring newsletter and Gabriel's essay on gratitude!

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Winter Newsletter and Contest

Welcome to my winter newsletter

Winter has been extreme here in the Northeast. Cooper the cat has been hugging the radiator but it is good writing weather.

Here’s what we have for you in this issue:

Day of gratitude contest
Save the date for Writing and Yoga in Scotland 2018.
Upcoming writing workshops.
And  Read More 
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What’s Up With The Dogs

Jacqueline and Major
Every time I attend a book club or read at a bookstore I am asked “Why do you include dogs in all of your books?” In fact, I didn’t include animals in my novels until my second book, 'Lost & Found' when a black Labrador with a heroic personality walked onto the stage of  Read More 
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My Pinterest Failure

It seems everyone is on Pinterest. At an auction, I recently purchased two brass lamps ($25) circa 1970’s with the idea of repurposing them. I went to Pinterest for ideas. Spray paint them, said several enthusiastic Pinterest ladies. I followed their instructions to the letter: sand the daylights out of the lamp base with 220 sandpaper,  Read More 
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Is that Place for Real?

When writing novels, I create characters who are fictional. It’s true that they might exhibit mannerisms that I’ve lifted from the cashier at Cumberland Farms, or a school mate from long ago. But they are imaginary people, just like Winne the Pooh or Jack Reacher.

Even imaginary characters must exist in a  Read More 
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No Girls Allowed

This is the Dusty Rose soccer team, 1982, with a pregnant coach and a breastfeeding player.
I wanted soccer before soccer wanted me. It is hard to imagine when girls were barred from a sport that is now so integral to every town’s recreation department. I sound like the last dinosaur roaming the earth when I tell this tale, but it is true.

When I was in sixth grade  Read More 
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In Praise of Fairy Godmothers

I've been thinking about mothers lately. My friend and yoga teacher, Charles MacInerney guest blogs with his essay about a fairy god-mother in England who offered him the gift of listening.

In Praise of Fairy Godmothers
by Charles F. MacInerney

I was fortunate growing up to have had two mothers - my real mother and my Fairy Godmother.

When I was 6 years old we moved to England and spent 10 years living in Bladon, a small village in Oxfordshire. Anne Sherman was my first and best friend. Our houses faced each other across a pasture  Read More 
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Polly Bergen's Cashmere

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Dear Polly Bergen. You died two months ago. I attended your estate sale last week. But I have to be honest; I wasn’t entirely sure I could remember who you were, so I looked you up. And by the way, I bought two of your cashmere sweaters.

You were a stage, screen and  Read More 
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How to Live with a Ghost

Not Pictured: Mr. Frelick

How to Share a rental with a Ghost

A few years ago, I rented a house on Peaks Island, Maine while writing one of my books. The house had been unoccupied for a year. The ferry arrived just as it was getting dark. I called the island taxi and a ruffled man drove me  Read More 
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The Cure for Political Gridlock

Anne and Jacqueline breaking the political divide.
I have a plan for the political gridlock and general bad behavior in Washington, DC. They’re going to hire my friend Anne and me to take them to Adventure Camp. By them, I mean our Senators; the Congress may require more help than we can offer.

Anne and I have been friends for  Read More 
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