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Sweet Acts of Kindness

I’ve been in the accelerated, obsessive world of Writer’s Hyper Space all summer. I’ve become a terribly boring person who can only talk about my characters on Peaks Island, ME. Even my characters were tired of me. They were ready to mutiny, toss me into the island taxi and send me off on the ferry to Portland.
On September 1st, I sent every bit of the novel to Harper Collins. There had been no gardening this summer, no kayaking, no hiking with my club of happy hikers as the deadline bore down on me.
In the midst of all this my friend Pat asked, “Would you like me to go grocery shopping for you?” At the moment, those were the kindest words that I’d ever heard. Even so, at first I couldn’t accept the sweet gift. I huffed and mumbled and deflected. Then hours later I had a moment of clarity and saw that she really, truly meant it. I emailed Pat with my shopping list. She shopped three times for me. It was almost like a mini Yaddo fellowship (a writer’s haven around Saratoga, NY where they deliver lunch to your door in a little basket), but even better. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see groceries appear in my kitchen. She gave me hours of writing time when I desperately needed them.
So my question to you is, what sweet acts of kindness have been given to you? Were you able to accept them, or did you deflect them, as I nearly did? I’d love to hear from you.
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