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My Favorite January Movies

I love everything about going out to the movies. The test of a great movie is that I’m still thinking about it one week later and something in me has changed. It’s the same with great books.

I love the smell of popcorn, the anticipation, and especially the collective emotional responses when  Read More 
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The Next Big Thing!

The Next Big Thing

Right before Christmas, Maura Lynch asked me to participate in The Next Big Thing online event — a way for authors/bloggers to share news about upcoming projects.

Maura Lynch lives in Manhattan , New York , and is a former film, television and publishing executive. She is writing a memoir about having  Read More 
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What's in a name - Guest blog by Alan Lipp

Alan Lipp
For 68 years I have been contented with “Alan,” but as a soon-to-be grandfather I suddenly need a new name. “Daddy” arrived with the birth of my daughter and all too soon became “Oh Dad,” with a level of dismay only possible from an adolescent. But other than that natural passage through fatherhood I have  Read More 
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Guest Blog by Brian Leaf

Brian Leaf recently published Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi, which is full of heart-felt humor and humility. In this lovely guest column, Brian shares the fundamentals of Ayurveda and how they can apply to our creativity. Take his short quiz to discover your type.

Brian Leaf, M.A. is the author of Misadventures  Read More 
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Jacqueline Sheehan answers the question When did you start writing?

“When did you start writing?”

I am coming to the end of the book tour for Picture This and this question has come up at every stop. The answer is never easy, because surely I wrote all my life, once as a freelance journalist in a small town in New Mexico, numerous times as  Read More 
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The Secret of Canning

Canned Whole Tomatoes
Why did they do it? All those grandmothers and a few grandfathers, sweating over a steaming cauldron of water, filled with canning jars. Canning looks so labor intensive. Why not just run down to Stop and Shop and buy a few plastic bags of frozen fruits or vegetables? I discovered the answer while canning  Read More 
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Writers on Peaks Island, Maine

Since two of my books have been set on Peaks Island, and since the people of Peaks Island have been so kind and generous to me when I’ve gone there to write, I wanted to give back to the community. In June, I offered a free writing workshop at Peaks Library to anyone  Read More 
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In the Flow, reposted from Sunny Room Studios

Why should writers add one more thing to the precious time we have allotted to writing? Some of the most powerful stories I’ve ever read keep the reader firmly in the body of the characters so that I felt every twinge and movement right along with the  Read More 
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It's time for a party!

Jacqueline signing books.
What’s a writer to do? The publishing world is changing at a rate that leaves me feeling breathless and out of control. Indie bookstores have been devastated by a corporate plague and I pray for the survivors. For writers who actually like to do store readings and meet with readers, it is getting  Read More 
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Tess from Picture This offers a summer recipe

Delicious strawberry crepes
Strawberry Crepes

In my new novel, Picture This, Tess and her granddaughter Danielle make delicious strawberry crepes (or Skinny Pancakes, as Danielle used to call them). They are the perfect meal for a summer day. I have wonderful memories of my mother making them and serving them with only butter and fresh maple syrup.

 Read More 
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