The Comet's Tale: A Novel About Sojourner Truth (2003)

From the opening chapter of The Comet's Tale: A Novel About Sojourner Truth:

I rode to earth on the backside of a comet. Mau Mau Bett saw me blaze across the sky and disappear into the moon, where I reined in the comet with my strong arms, tightened my thighs to make the comet turn, then scorched back across the sky. With the last light of the comet – for I had nearly burned it up dashing around the moon – I rode until I say a man as tall as a tree, holding a burning pine knot in a smooth stone mortar. Next to him was a woman holding out her apron. I landed headfirst in her out-stretched cloth, turning her apron black with my heat.

The Comet's Tale: A Novel About Sojourner Truth has been translated into Hebrew and published in Israel.

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