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Fall 2019 Newsletter and Contest Winner!


Welcome to fall!


I'm not trying to skip over the last days of summer, but I feel fall on the horizon with shorter days and the first tingle of cool nights.

I am pleased to share the memories of reader Dale Deming, age 90, who won the contest in the summer newsletter.

I'll tell you about the writing retreat in Prague, and then get right to events this fall.


Contest Winner Dale Deming

In my June newsletter, I announced a contest for my readers. I needed help creating an authentic background and tone for 1938 and 1991 for my next book. Thank you to all of you who submitted your wonderful sensory memories of those totally different eras. Dale Deming was the winner. He will receive an autographed copy of one of my books and a box of chocolates. I am sharing Dale's memories of 1938.


Click here to read the newsletter and Dale's essay!

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Summer 2019 Newsletter and a Contest!

Welcome to summer!


Here in New England it is remarkably lush and beautiful.

Here is an update on my new book, a contest, and a promise for fall workshops.

I kicked off the summer raising the sail on a boat on Naragansett Bay.


New Book

Working Title: The Victory Garden

I finished the 12th or so draft of my new book which has had my full attention for two years. This story has two timelines, 1938 and 1991. Researching historical settings is always tricky. Readers will tell me instantly if I get it wrong.

Can you help with the background?

Here's a little contest:

In an email, tell me what your family was up to in 1938 or 1991. Songs, jobs, favorite food, etc. I will randomly pick a submission and send one person a signed copy of one of my books.

Click here to read the summer newsletter!

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Winter 2019 Newsletter

A black cat aims a bow and arrow at the sky.

Welcome to my winter newsletter!

It's a new year and time for resolutions.

In this newsletter you'll find information about the Prague writing retreat this summer, January workshop in Mass, Author's Salon at the Storyteller's cottage in Connecticut, my resolutions for the new year and some exciting news about LOST & FOUND!


It's the New Year!
Resolutions for 2019
At the start of ever year, I do a personal review to see what's working and what's not working. In therapy, I invited clients to do more of one and less of the other. Call them resolutions. Call it internal house cleaning. Be specific. Have fun and add a completely new activity. Aside from finishing the novel that I am so close to completing, here are the main resolutions.


Click here to read the newsletter!

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Fall 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to my fall newsletter!

What have I been up to, aside from writing my way to the end of my next novel? Harvesting grapes at Glendaleridge Vineyard, for one thing. I do some of my best thinking when I'm not staring at the computer screen. It's good for us to try totally new experiences and harvesting grapes was brand new to me.


Prague Retreat Summer 2019!


But the big news is that I'm joining Julie Maloney for the Writing Retreat in Prague next summer. We've worked together for ten years and it has been an exciting partnership. Why am I mentioning this now when the retreat doesn't happen until July 2019? Because everything that is offered through Women Reading Aloud sells out long before the event.


Click to read the newsletter!

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Summer Newsletter 2019

Welcome to my summer newsletter.


Here's what we have for you in this issue:

I know how it is in summer; sometimes pictures are easier than words. So rest assured, there will be pictures of cats, vintage motorcycles, wine, and good friends.


Keeping Cool in Summer


First off, my cat Cooper offers his best advice for hot summer days. He is campaigning hard for a hammock, but until that can be arranged he suggests a languid, belly up posture on the couch. He is wise beyond his years.


My Next Book

There comes a time when on-line research will only take you so far. My next book includes a character who drives a 1934 Indian Scout motorcycle and I needed to see what it felt like to sit on one and learn from people who collect them. I was in luck because a vintage Indian Motorcycle rally was held in Springfield, Mass where these beautiful motorcycles were built.


Click here to read the rest of the Summer Newsletter!

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Spring 2018 Newsletter and Contest Winner!

Gabriele Kirschner sits at a desk looking thoughtful.
Gabriele Kirschner - On Gratitude and a Box of Chocolates

Welcome to my spring newsletter


Here's what we have for you in this issue:

  • The winner of the On Gratitude writing contest.
  • Upcoming writing workshops and events.
  • Jane Yolen's 365th book party.
  • Book Clubs.
  • Hosting Bloom Reads.
  • A way you can help.

In the winter newsletter, I told you about the results of not complaining for one entire day, and yes that included even mentally complaining. I offered a contest with the challenge of trying this for one day and writing about it. Submissions came from Australia, Guatemala, and the United States. They were sincere, funny, and delightful. But the one that the judges chose was an essay about how hard it can be to find gratitude and stop complaining. And even suggested that M&M's might be an honorable award.


Click to read the spring newsletter and Gabriel's essay on gratitude!

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Winter Newsletter and Contest

Welcome to my winter newsletter

Winter has been extreme here in the Northeast. Cooper the cat has been hugging the radiator but it is good writing weather.

Here’s what we have for you in this issue:

Day of gratitude contest
Save the date for Writing and Yoga in Scotland 2018.
Upcoming writing workshops.
And  Read More 
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What’s Up With The Dogs

Jacqueline and Major
Every time I attend a book club or read at a bookstore I am asked “Why do you include dogs in all of your books?” In fact, I didn’t include animals in my novels until my second book, 'Lost & Found' when a black Labrador with a heroic personality walked onto the stage of  Read More 
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My Pinterest Failure

It seems everyone is on Pinterest. At an auction, I recently purchased two brass lamps ($25) circa 1970’s with the idea of repurposing them. I went to Pinterest for ideas. Spray paint them, said several enthusiastic Pinterest ladies. I followed their instructions to the letter: sand the daylights out of the lamp base with 220 sandpaper,  Read More 
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Is that Place for Real?

When writing novels, I create characters who are fictional. It’s true that they might exhibit mannerisms that I’ve lifted from the cashier at Cumberland Farms, or a school mate from long ago. But they are imaginary people, just like Winne the Pooh or Jack Reacher.

Even imaginary characters must exist in a  Read More 
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