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Boston Globe, July 22, 2012 – Pick of the Week: Picture This

Ellen Meeropol of Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley recommends “Picture This” by Jacqueline Sheehan (Morrow): “In a sequel to ‘Lost & Found,’ also set on Maine’s Peaks Island, Rocky Pelligrino is contacted by Natalie, who is just out of foster care and claims she’s the unacknowledged daughter of Rocky’s late husband. This page-turner is a profound exploration of damage done in childhood, the nature of evil, and the difficulty of knowing what is true.”

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Jacqueline Sheehan's books on Goodreads

Lost & Found
Lost & Found

reviews: 1088

ratings: 9820 (avg rating 3.71)

Now & Then
Now & Then

reviews: 197

ratings: 924 (avg rating 3.41)

Picture This
Picture This

reviews: 162

ratings: 839 (avg rating 3.73)

The Center of the World
The Center of the World

reviews: 29

ratings: 87 (avg rating 3.87)


reviews: 8

ratings: 37 (avg rating 3.86)

Selected Works

How do you keep a secret so huge that it could devastate everyone you care about? For Kate Malloy, the answer is simple: one lie at a time.
Come back to Peaks Island, Maine with Jacqueline Sheehan's new book, Picture This.
"A well-researched, enjoyable read, with a poignantly engaging young hero."
–Diana Gabaldon, NYT bestselling author of the Outlander and Lord John series
“Spellbinding…an altogether enjoyable adventure with a heavy helping of magic.”
Publishers Weekly
“Sheehan eloquently channels both human and canine voices in this bittersweet tale of wounded lives renewed.”
–Suzanne Strempek Shea, author of Becoming Finola
Historical Fiction
“Sheehan’s writing is lively and vivid and her feel for historical detail is fine…”
New York Times

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