How Not to Write all Day

February 27, 2012

First, I read a small news article about dryer lint, in which a reporter tested a product that alleged to suck link out of inaccessible places in the dryer and how important this was because dryers catch on fire due to a build-up of lint. So I have a choice of writing, or going (more…)

Pentre Ifan

February 9, 2012

The German translation of Now & Then has just been published, which is not a surprise to me since I knew it was coming. But the cover? Now that was a surprise. I was expecting the cover that I had seen about nine months ago. It had been a lovely cover that captured the magic (more…)

Guest Blog by Donna Friess, Ph.D , The Magical Classroom: 6th Graders Who Won’t Leave and Two Big Dogs

February 6, 2012

“Foster” by Donna Friess
Donna L. Friess, PhD is an author, professor, life coach and a fan of service dogs that teach young children to read. She is my guest this month and I’m glad she’s here. Donna is also an artist, as you can see by the sensitive portrait of Foster the dog. Please check (more…)