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Delia Lamont has had it. Though she loves her job at Portland, Maine’s child services agency, its frustrations have left her feeling burned out and restless. She’s ready to join her carefree sister Juniper and start a seaside bakery, celebrating and serving life’s sweetness for a change.

Then the call comes: a five-year-old girl has been found at the side of the road. She reveals that her first name is Hayley, but little more. The only clues to her family lead to a shadowy web of danger that reaches closer to Delia herself than she would ever guess.

As she seeks to discover where Hayley belongs, Delia must decide how deep to venture into the unknown, whether in shaping the destiny of the child who has no one else to turn to—or in exploring the fierce dark corners of her own soul.

“The Tiger in the House is at once terrifying and tender, a tribute to this writer’s range in the realm of domestic drama. I read it once, and then I read it all over again. Stop what you’re doing and settle down with this one.”

--Jacquelyn Mitchard, number one New York Times bestselling author of twelve novels for adults, including The Deep End of the Ocean

"Jacqueline Sheehan's striking new novel THE CENTER OF THE WORLD is a sure-handed exploration of grief and transcendence. I found these characters memorable, the story compelling, the author's ability to make place come alive on the page a rare gift. Sheehan is not a glib writer but one with a large heart, and her book is destined to win countless readers."
--Steve Yarbrough, Professor of Writing, Literature and Publishing Emerson College, author of The Realm of Last Chances

“How far would you go to save the life of a child? That’s what Kate Malloy, a young motherless environmental researcher must ask herself in this searing tale of love and desperate acts set against a backdrop of surreal beauty and unspeakable cruelty. Enthralling, exhilarating, THE CENTER OF THE WORLD is full of characters who must trust and love without any assurance that either will be returned. It’s a cinematic tale whose characters and their difficult choices will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book.”
--Suzanne Chazin, award-winning author of the Jimmy Vega novels

“Jacqueline Sheehan’s riveting novel fuses family anguish, political drama and page-turning storytelling. I journeyed across Guatemala and back to the United States, long past bedtime, desperate to know the outcome of this unlikely clan. THE CENTER OF THE WORLD is a deeply satisfying read of the heroics and viciousness we rarely hear of—and choices we hope to never face. I loved this book.”
--Randy Susan Meyers, National Bestselling Author of Accidents of Marriage

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to read Jacqueline Sheehan's gorgeous upcoming novel. I was riveted. Set in alternating worlds of 2003 Massachusetts and 1990’s war-torn Guatemala, THE CENTER OF THE WORLD is an epic story of war and peace, love and fear, family and friendship. Writing with honesty and grace, Jacqueline Sheehan examines to what length we would go to protect those we love, reminding us that sometimes secrets must be unraveled before our hearts can mend. In turns heartbreaking and heartwarming, THE CENTER OF THE WORLD is the perfect book club selection—intelligent, thought provoking, and utterly captivating.”
--Lori Nelson Spielman, International Bestselling Author of The Life List

"The day I discovered novelist Jacqueline Sheehan marked a great moment in my reading life. In The Center of the World, her best book yet, Kate Malloy truly has a heart that is a compass, holding fast to true north as she searches for her daughter. Again and again, Sheehan finds new ways to prove to the world that mothers are the strongest people on earth, and will literally go to the ends of the earth to keep a daughter safe."
--Jo-Ann Mapson, Los Angeles Times bestselling author of Solomon’s Oak, Finding Casey, and Owen’s Daughter

"The Tiger in the House is teeming with excitement and heart-stirring emotion. A natural storyteller, Sheehan will draw you in with her finely crafted characters and hold you tight until the very end.”
--Heather Gudenkauf, author of The Weight of Silence

“I love Jacqueline Sheehan’s books because they’re about real life with exciting, breathtaking twists. The Tiger in the House is a gripper. From the start where we meet a five year old girl without a last name standing on the side of the road to the ending I wasn’t expecting, I felt like holding my breath. What a great read.”

--Cathy Lamb, author of The Language of Sisters

“The Tiger in the House is an absorbing story about two sisters—the strengths and struggles they share, and the secrets they don’t. Delia is a compelling heroine, sensitively rendered. Jacqueline Sheehan is a perceptive observer of the complexities of family relationships in the face of tragedy.”

--Emily Arsenault, author of The Evening Spider

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