Why is there a chocolate lab on the cover of Lost & Found and Picture This?

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The most frequent question that I get from readers invariably has to do with Cooper, but more precisely the photo of Cooper's character on the covers of Lost & Found and Picture This. Often readers let me know that the color of the dog is incorrect for a black lab. And the answer to that is: you are 100% right. The art department tells me (over and over) that if they showed Cooper as black as a black lab naturally is, the image would be one big black blog on the cover. So their solution is to add brown to the print. The dog in the picture on both books is truly, honestly a black lab, but through the magic of photo retouching, has been turned more brown than black. He is not and has never been a chocolate lab.

Why is there a golden retriever silhouette on the chapter headings?

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I have just recently discovered Ms. Sheehan's books. Trying to describe how much I have enjoyed them is very hard to express. It's exciting that she has written another and I will be looking forward to it in 2016!

The second most frequent question about dog images in the books has to do with the silhouette at the top of each chapter. Astute dog lovers have noted that the image is not a lab, but a retriever, and most likely a golden retreiver. Once again, you are correct. Having owned a spectacular golden retreiver, I can only agree and sympathize. While this is important to many lab and retreiver lovers, I can only think that Cooper would be gracious on this account.