May 19, 2012

Clark, Anne and Jacqueline
I met Clark when I was 18, fresh out of high school. We both worked on a federal program called Student Work Experience and Training (SWEAT) at Southbury Training School, an institution in Connecticut for people with developmental disabilities. I met Anne when I was 23, once again working a summer job at the same place. (more…)

Writing Block in China - Guest Blog by Morgan Sheehan-Bubla

May 14, 2012

Exercising in the Park - Picture by Fred Ranaudo
I’m a writer with an almost three year old. Lately I’ve been the mom of a sick almost three year old. I sometimes sit down to write, but mostly stare at the computer without doing much of anything before being pulled away by some sort of child emergency.

“Mommy! I is hitting (more…)